The Susan Roseman Collective is exclusively made by Eric & Christopher in Bucks County, PA.  Her unique linocut art is fun and playful, making her products the perfect gift for folks of all ages!

Susan Roseman is a Bucks County, PA linocut and collage artist! Susan knew from a very early age that she was destined for the art world. In 2012, she established her brand, Artie Art, and has since been featured in Droolzine Magazine and is part of an art program called West Elm LOCAL. Susan’s art stems from inspiration from her late therapy dog, Artie, who made regular retirement home visits to spread cheer to seniors who valued his friendship. Witnessing the joy Artie brought to his community, Susan decided to develop portraits in his honor. This led her to feature a number of canine characters, all of which are based on her real “pack” of dogs. 

Artie Art has a unique appearance that Susan describes as “…dog related with graphic style. After all, I am a printmaker with many dogs and a sense of humor.” As of recently, Susan has begun branching out to using other media formats such as animation. When asked about her favorite part of her process as an artist and business owner, she wrote: “I love evolving and taking the creative license further. For instance, I am now loving the animation I do for social media. This new medium allows me to bring my dogs to a larger palette.” 


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